We are dot connectors. We put the pieces together. As connectors, we identify your needs and tap our valuable resources to connect you to the talent and buyers that can bring your project(s) to fruition. We connect you with the best Hollywood has to offer.

Recognizing that each company has its own unique vision, our objective is to assist you in realizing and heightening that vision so that it pops and becomes the very best it can be: attention-grabbing, provocative, moving, passionate. We look for the edge that will make your project stand out.

  • Step 1: We begin with the core idea or material, evaluate your project, assess its strengths and weaknesses so we can make sure the project is sharp before taking it out to the market place.
  • Step 2: Based on our intimate knowledge of the material studios, networks, cable companies, and talent are seeking, we begin the process of getting your project to the right people.

Our skills have been fine-tuned through our hands-on experience with award-winning screenwriters, directors, actors and producers, coupled with our strong foundation in classic literature, film, theater and pop culture.

Whether you are an individual producer, an established company or a screenwriter looking to up your game, L.A. FOR HIRE brings these skills to you in order to help you realize your goals.
  • We custom-tailor a strategy to suit each company's individual needs.
  • Through careful analysis, we create a game plan that's geared to succeed.