Services for Screenwriters and Producers

With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Film & TV producer, Wendy Kram’s sharp development skills are coupled with insider knowledge of what attracts Hollywood's decision-makers. Acceptance is selective to insure our clients receive personal attention and customized service. For qualified clients, Wendy offers a gateway to the Hollywood community. If you...

  • Have a project(s) you wish to set up for film or television?
  • Need to get your script in shape for industry submissions?
  • Want your project viewed by a Hollywood producer with inside connections?
  • Just graduated film school and are thinking, "Now what do I do?!!"
  • Need career coaching to identify your strengths and give yourself an edge?

We have several packages to address your goals. Have questions about which package is right for you? Contact us for a free consultation.

Script Consultation Intensive

After reviewing your screenplay, you will receive detailed page notes, followed by a one-on-one creative session with established film and television producer, Wendy Kram. The session will include suggestions for improving your script through character development, dialogue, structure and plot. Whether it’s a romantic comedy, an action picture or a psychological thriller, the notes will deepen the heart and soul of your piece, raise the emotional stakes of your characters and heighten the pacing to increase your project’s salability. We will also discuss ways to market your material and propose a sales strategy.

This package entails two to three hours of preparation, followed by one to two hours of a private session with Wendy.

4 hour minimum: $700.

Art of the Pitch

Includes: preparation and organization of your pitch, honing your storytelling skills, applying the right buzz words to engage your audience, coupled with a special system to help you practice and deliver your “pitch” with the confidence of a pro.

2 separate 30 minute sessions, $75 for each half hour. $65 each additional 30 minute session, if needed.

Writing Treatments

For writers, as well as agents, managers, and book agents whose clients wish to fine-tune a treatment to attract a studio or network buyer. Treatments are one of the entertainment industry’s most effective selling tools and can be used to compliment a screenplay, book, true story, play or flesh out an original idea. We help you create a concise and compelling presentation to make your project "pop" and increase its salability. This service includes notes, editing, re-writing and creation. Note: typos, misspellings and grammatical errors may be turned down or incur additional fees.


Treatment Template

Created exclusively by TV and film producer, Wendy Kram. Wendy has effectively used this template to sell projects for over 15 years. Whether it's a proposal for a feature film, a half-hour sitcom, or a one-hour drama, the template helps screenwriters and producers define their vision and create the strongest sales presentation possible. The template is a culmination of the knowledge and expertise Wendy has accrued over the course of her career in interfacing with production executives, creative talent and studio and network buyers. Purchase of the Template includes: a review of your existing Treatment along with notes and editing suggestions. Wendy offers up to 2 sets of revisions on documents of 5 pages or less. Note: typos, misspellings and grammatical errors may be turned down or incur additional fees. 

By clicking below, you acknowledge this document is proprietary information and is illegal to distribute. We make no representations or warranties that use of this Template will guarantee a sale.

Project Management

For producers, screenwriters and filmmakers with multiple projects who require organization, career advice and guidance. We will help you identify those projects that have the highest commercial and artistic possibilities so you can prioritize your time and creative energy. We will schedule weekly one-hour sessions with assignments to chart a "course of action" for your career and your projects: creating treatments, registering your work, devising sales strategies, and getting your projects in shape for submissions to agents, directors, actors, studios, and networks.

If you are a graduating film student, we will help you transfer what you learned in school and apply these skills in the professional world. You will receive practical knowledge, insider tips, and strategies to maximize exposure for yourself and your projects.

4 Hour Minimum:  $700 

Career Coaching

What makes you unique as an artist? What are the best ways to position yourself?

We know and understand buyers and agents' needs and how they make decisions. You will learn how to navigate the system to your best advantage, separate yourself from the novice, and make your projects stand out.

With the inside perspective that comes from years of experience in the entertainment industry, these sessions are for those who can benefit from having a professional sounding board and personal coach in their corner. Includes project review, query letters and logline make-overs.

Clients can schedule appointments on an on-going, weekly, monthly or as-needed basis.

First 25 Pages Evaluation

Includes review of the first 25 pages, accompanied by detailed page notes in the margins of your script, pin-pointing problem areas and providing suggestions to create a first act that is engaging, dynamic and attention-grabbing. The goal is to lay down a solid foundation that will point your script in the right direction and hook executives.

$175 (Notes only)
The $175 for this service will be applicable toward your payment for “Script Intensive"
$250 (Notes followed by 30 minute consultation)

For Authors: Manuscript Consultation and Editing Services

Includes editing services with focus on story and emotional content, structure, and character development. Wendy will also work with you to create a book proposal for submission to book agents and publishers. Additional services may include treatment work for adaptation to film, television or other new media platforms.

8 hour minimum.

* Clients may opt to pay a monthly retainer. For script and management services that exceed 30 hours, rates will be lowered to $150/hour. Fees are non-refundable.


A submission release form must be signed and returned along with your application.

Based on your needs, we will create a structured schedule and determine the hours your project requires. You will have many options to choose from, as the one-on-one consultations will be custom-tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

It is your responsibility to insure your project is properly formatted and consistent with industry standards. Any scripts that are improperly formatted or filled with typographical and spelling errors may be rejected or incur additional fees, which will be discussed and agreed upon by Client and L.A. FOR HIRE ahead of time. This requirement allows us to focus on the work itself.

Fees are required up front. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior.

For long term consultations, fees may be paid in installments.